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Angel Du$t - “Stepping Stone”

I want to be your stepping stone 

It’s alright, i think it’s cool 
Everybody somebody’s fool 
I don’t want to be alone 
I want to be your stepping stone



I was watching porn earlier and we both had the same painting


you’re a liar
you’re a thief
I wanna nail you down
take back what you took from me

lie, cheat, steal
do whatever you can
you’ve done it all just to gain the upper hand
now it’s my turn
you’ll be the one that burns

you can’t justify
you can’t make it right
you can’t justify and make it alright

I’ve waited too long
and I’ve grown tired of all the excuses
spent too many sleepless nights struggling to decide what to do

I can only take this for so long
you won’t admit that you were wrong
I’m gonna make you see the way things are to me

you don’t know what’s best for me
who are you to decide?
we all get what we deserve
it’s just a matter of time


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Mother Of Mercy - Divide


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I own literally hundreds of bands shirts but this one takes the cake
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The Beautiful Ones - Down


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